Let's get real w/ REAL TALK

...So. It's been a while hasn't it? 

I can only apologise and then blame it on any number of these things: Life. Work. Stress. Time (lack of it). Work (again). Summer (we're now reaching into the late teens, so go us!). Brexit (it's been a tough couple of weeks for us Brits). And, well, I guess I'm out of valid excuses for not keeping up with this blog or filling you all in on what crazy, exciting new fandangled things I'm been getting up too thus far. 

I suppose though, it's mainly because there haven't been a lot of crazy, exiting READ MY BLOG POST! worthy things going on in my life right now (personal and writing). Which sounds a little 'woe is me' but I know that it's a) the truth and b) absolutely no fun to read about, especially not on a blog that features an endless scrolling feature AND a writer who can type for England, given half the chance. 

But here I am now. All geared up, finally with a handful of exciting things in my pocket ready to share with you. 

Number 1: I have given up trying to be the writer I am not (this will factor into Number 3 also) and have instead been pouring my energy into a new Young Adult story, that is now up on Wattpad. At least the first 3 chapters are whilst I bank a load more chapters to save on that horrible anxiety, that shows up around chapter 7, only a couple of chapters away from all you've written so far. 

It's called The Colour of Us and here is the pretty (if I do say so myself) cover for it. 


I won't bore you all with the blurb (though, it's far from boring - again, if I do say so myself!) but it is here if your curiosity is minimally peaked by the above cover. 


Which leads nicely onto...

Number 2:  The official info for the Watty Awards 2016 has been released and launched. The deadline is the end of August and I'm working hard on getting The Colour of Us as far along as I can so it'll be eligible. Last year, by some grace of a God I don't always believe in and perhaps, sheer luck/right time, right place/fluke? Someday The Waves, the first story I ever wrote and finished won the Hot New Genre award for New Adult. 

I'm still pretty flabbergasted about it. It still doesn't feel quite real, even with the nice sticker now on the cover. But it is an awesome feeling and one I'd love to experience again, given the chance. 

So, yes. I may be adding a few polite prompts (there is no other British way) for those who'd like to vote for The Colour of Us or add their comments in the run up to the deadline. You've been warned! 

Okay, so last but not least, but last all the same...

Number 3: Now, please dear blog reader take this with a pinch, if not a wet finger dab of salt. Primarily because what I'm about to commit to may change. In all honesty it probably will. The likely hood is that it'll happen for like, a few weeks and slowly slide off into the pile marked: Things I Had Good Intentions To See Through But Got Sidetracked By Life/Laziness/Youtube Videos

But, I'm going to give it a good go anyways. 

I've been thinking of ways to express my thoughts on certain issues that can't always be added to my stories or become the basis for one. I've a lot of thoughts (don't we all) but I've not got a real way of getting them out properly. Save for writing a novella each time one crops up.

Twitter is great and all but 140 characters is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Facebook has been wonderful in building relationships with super cool authors but again, who wants to hear anyones rants/thoughts/2,000 word post about being an-almost-30-something-childless-unwed-women? Sure, I post gifs and the occasional link to articles about the matter but that's where I like to leave it. 

Instagram - yeah, okay buddy. Sure. Really though, I do not have enough time to shave my legs at the moment, let alone curate, shoot, upload and write an award winning caption to accompany whatever I'm able to capture with my crappy, broken iPhone lens. 

Snapchat - jog on. It's for sending blink and you'll miss it (seriously, that's pretty much it's whole M.O) pictures of you with weird cartoon dog ears and maybe your mates face, swapped with yours in a chilling Twilight Zone throwback.

What I'm trying to say is that I have platforms (the social kind, not the Spice Girls kind) coming out of my ears and everywhere else, but they just don't seem to fit the bill when it comes to discussing important (and some not) topics. 

That's where this blog comes riding back into frame, gallantly. A bit like Podric and Brienne of Tarth (Sorry, that should come with a spoiler alert.) Or maybe like Heath Ledger (RIP) in A Knights Tale, which if you haven't watched - what on earth are you doing?! Go do it. Now! 

And then come back. Maybe in a weeks time, when I've written my first post, which I am hoping will kick off my new Blog Feature: Real Talk.

Yes. I am so lame. So tired. So damn lazy that Real Talk is all I can come up with right now. It'll have to do. 


Real Talk (so bold. very italic) again, I hope (no promises here) will feature/cover topics and issues that I've been meaning to get off my chest.

A few choice topics that I've banded about so far, as ideas include:

Books: The Pros and Cons of comparisons (and getting lost in an anxiety inducing, self doubt spiral on Goodreads)

50 Shades of Trying Too Hard: When to give up on writing/forcing out Erotica. 

Growing up: It's a trap a.k.a I am failing at Adulting, help! 

What's My Age Again? (See Above ^^)

GIF Therapy: When it's appropriate and when it's not

My Dad's Best Friend Who May Also Be My Cousin/The Bad Boy Stole My Kidney/The Alpha's Chew Toy/Sold to a Headless but always smartly suited C.E.O Billionaire/ and other delightful tales from the wonderful (if not often WTF!) world of Wattpad. 



As you can see everything is still a work in progress but I hope that I can offer some light relief or at the very least, not sabotage my teen fiction story because I've the dire desire to weave in a sub-plot about how all your friends will grow up and not want to go out anymore and you'll still be listening to all your old pop punk records, like what the hell happened? But also that Brand New maybe had a point when they sung - die young and save yourself.)

But I digress and as you can see from the above, I am easily side tracked and am susceptible to charge off into tangents that have zero relevance. 

...Which means it's probably about time I sign off and leave you with the semi-promise of a new post sometime in the near future (read: next week. Fingers crossed y'all!). 

Plus, because I am feeling a little shameless right now, here is the direct link to my new YA story that I have been dropping mentions of, just like Kanye with Taylor Swift on the brain. 


Miss Warren Writes x