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J.E.Warren currently resides in a somewhat sleepy seaside town, and is a British Romance/YA writer who has a long standing love for milky tea, travel, shaggy haired 90’s band Hanson, and small dogs.

Always observing, she enjoys writing and bringing to life realistic and relatable characters, especially strong, sharp and savvy females who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Music has always played a big part in her life – from noisy rock to reggae, folk to pop punk and everything else in between. And is a constant source of inspiration when writing, especially when plotting new ways to steal reader’s hearts, or make them swoon (usually with the help of guitar playing heartthrobs.)

When she’s not writing, J.E likes to curate perfect playlists – of which she has many, and catch up on her favourite shows (again too many), though you can be certain to find Buffy The Vampire Slayer on heavy rotation.


A Brief History/How I Came To Love Auto-Save


I've enjoyed writing and creating new worlds to get lost in from a very young age. Filling up notebooks during long car journeys and scouring the baby name book leftover after the arrival of my little sister for the perfect character names full of hidden meanings. 

Later with the help of my first computer I would write a sprawling epic about a young girl with special powers, tasked with defeating a pair of evil identical vampire twins. Sadly without the invention of 'the cloud' and floppy discs being so easy to override, the story was lost and for a while so was my confidence to write.

Skip forward many years later, auto-save now my trusted (and much respected) ally and with a folder full of drafts and half baked ideas, I stumbled across Wattpad. Finding it to be a sign and a blessing I picked up where I'd left off, and published my first full length story Someday The Waves shortly after joining. 

It was one of the best decisions I could have made. (Much better and a lot more rewarding shall we say than dying my hair 'an interesting colour').

Lines We Forget (now a Wattpad 1m +Featured Story and soon to be published by Limitless- a real labour of love soon followed and so did the confidence I'd lost in my teens. 

Now I can't go a day without writing. So many ideas and characters vying to be heard and read. Stories that need to be told.

A sucker for sweet realistic romance, I'm always plotting new ways to steal readers hearts and leave them swooning over lush heartthrobs - mostly of the guitar playing variety. 

One day I'd love for all my stories to be available in lovely paperback, so all my wonderful readers can hold and add a copy to their libraries. 

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